6th May 2015

   Ceiba Community Support aims to create a comprehensive and empowering transition for people leaving institutional care and moving into the community. This is the first step in establishing sustainable rehabilitation and integration in the communities in which they have chosen to live. Essential to sustainability is the involvement of the Service User in decision making from the outset. The guiding principle of Ceiba is that Service User's should have the greatest possible control of the process. This ensures that the solutions are person centered and reflect the identity of the individual. Consequently the Service User feels they have an investment in their own future and are much more likely to succeed.

   We recognise that the well-being and commitment of our staff is integral to the success of our Service User's. It is part of our mission to provide a working environment that encourages creativity and responsibility in an atmosphere of safety, support and mutual respect. To facilitate this we have a modular management structure that ensures staff have constant and easy access to their local managers.

   It is not possible to separate the way an organisation is structured and managed from the way it interacts with the Service Users they work with. Often agencies are successful and deliver a quality service when they are small but that quality diminishes as they grow. We utilise our close management system to ensure that levels of support and scrutiny are maintained irrespective of how large the organisation becomes.

   Moving from residential care can be a confusing and daunting process for many Service Users. Ceiba has a range of expertise that enables us to help them through every aspect of establishing themselves in the community. Finding suitable accommodation can be the first hurdle. We support our Service Users to source suitable accommodation of their own choosing. To ensure they have the same options as everyone else and are not limited to social housing we have formed relationships with the private rental sector. The first step to deciding how you want to live is deciding where you want to live.

   Having somewhere to move into and furnishing it is the beginning, the environment in which someone lives can impact greatly on the health and well being. It is also the first stage in a Service User making choices that reflect their own identity. Keeping a tenancy secure and running a home is an ongoing process and we can help with bill paying, financial management, cleaning and all aspects of household maintenance. As well as providing support with budgeting and organising benefits, we can, if required, take on the role of appointee. Where needed our qualified staff can provide personal care and administer medication. It is essential that Service Users can access their local health care services. To ensure this we support them to register with their GP, dentist and any other relevant agency as quickly as possible.

   We believe that our Service Users have a right to not only survive in the community but to live in it as included members of that community. Social inclusion is not only a right but vital. Isolation, loneliness, boredom and feelings of insignificance are not only unpleasant but can be extremely detrimental to mental health and well being. Social networks not only enhance our lives but also give us support when we need it. In order to help our Service Users develop social networks we encourage and support them to partake in activities, going to the cinema, the gym and other pursuits. We are also creating links with local businesses to help provide access to employment and voluntary work.

   As with every aspect of how we provide care and support this work is focused on maximising independence, individual identity and freedom of choice. In every interaction we have with our Service Users, whether it is providing personal care or visiting an estate agency we shall ensure their dignity, uphold their rights and safeguard their well being.

Ceiba is a large tree growing in tropical areas. A tree which is commonly called tree of life. It has an umbrella shape crown that protects and large buttress roots that provide stability in bad weather. Ceiba Community Support Ltd is registered in England and Wales No: 09541286.

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